Below please find the information for anyone interested in joining the IACS.
Welcome to the Italian American Cultural Society (IACS) of New Jersey


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the IACS of New Jersey and its general membership, we would like to introduce ourselves and suggest that you consider joining our organization.  The IACS was the idea of several members and began in late 2013.  Currently, the IACS has approximately 50 members.  The IACS is guided by a set of bylaws and a 9 member Board of Directors.  Please continue to read below about our organization.  We look forward to seeing you soon... hopefully sharing some good times and working together.

Mission Statement Summary


The overall focus of the IACS mission is to preserve Italian Culture... both Old and New World.  More specifically, we begin our Mission by gathering monthly to celebrate the significance of Italian and Italian-American contributions leading to the enrichment of humanity.  Next, we advance our Mission by establishing fruitful relationships.  Finally, we fulfill our Mission by incentivizing our youth to inspire and achieve, so that they may reflect upon our Italian Culture and perpetuate our global significance.

General Information


1.  Age to Join - Minimum age is 21

2.  Annual Dues - $60.00

3.  Website -

4.  How to Join - Visit the above mentioned website and click on the red button titled MEMBERSHIP                   APPLICATION.  You can either complete the application on-line or print out a hard copy.  If you choose         to print out a hard copy, please complete the information needed and mail it to: IACS, PO Box 108,                 Tennent, NJ 07763.  Regardless which application method you choose, you will need to mail a check, to         the same address, payable to the IACS for $60.00.

5.  Monthly Dinner Meetings - Throughout the year, we have monthly dinner meetings at various local               restaurants.  These meetings include a several course dinner, and you can bring your own wine.                   Sometimes, we rent a hall and have a buffet service.  At some meetings, we will have a guest speaker,           entertainment, or conduct special activities.  The cost for members is $35.00 and for non-members is           $45.00.  Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted.

6.  Special Events - We conduct special events such as a family picnic, attendance at a BlueClaws minor             league baseball game, a night of dining and horse racing at the Meadowlands, and a Christmas Party.

As new members, your participation and support will be critical to the success of the IACS.  Your thoughts and contributions will be extremely valued.  We will not be able to grow and accomplish our Mission without active and passionate members.  We want to stress that all input from our members will be heard and processed.  However, please note that for whatever reason, not all ideas may be able to be implemented.  We want to create a friendly environment where our member's ideas can be voiced.

Again, thank you for considering our organization.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact:

Robert DeSalvatore at (732) 984-8482 or Lou Orrichio at (732) 221-1790

Italian American Cultural Society of New Jersey

PO Box 108

Tennent, NJ  07763

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